Thursday, November 12, 2009

Additional Complainants in Toyota Defects

Two people from Los Angeles now want to file a class-action suit against Toyota for the defects that prompted the 3.8-million-vehicle recall which is the largest recall of vehicles issued so far.

Seong Bae Choi owned a 2004 Camry while Chris Chan Park had a 2008 FJ Cruiser. Both of them claim that they have experience sudden acceleration which is common in latest models of Toyota vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration initially found that the sudden acceleration is caused by the defective floor mats on the driver side as it can be stuck onto the acceleration pedal.

Furthermore, NHTSA also found that the vehicles are hard to put into neutral or turn off if ever the acceleration occurs.

Toyota will compensate for the losses of all victims as they have admitted the risky condition of the vehicles they have manufactured. They are likely to pay punitive damages if a class-action suit will ensue.