Monday, November 9, 2009

Dangerous Intersection caused Deep Concern

Crossing the street is dangerous especially for children. But when a child accompanied by an adult cross at a designated crosswalk and still hit by a vehicle, then it becomes more alarming.

Concerned parents near the Campbell's Bucknall area showed their alarm when a young boy and his grandfather were hit by a Ford Explorer at an intersection.

The accident caused a signature campaign to be launched urging officials to do something about a very dangerous intersection near Harriet Avenue. Several residents and parents ignited grave concern not only for the victims but also for their children attending school situated few blocks from the intersection.

The authorities have been bombarded with complaints for years about the safety of the intersection. The residents asked for a crossing guard at the crosswalk. Forest Hill Principal Lani Potts showed support by working with the city and inviting city leaders to join community forum and meetings regarding the issue.

In response, the city officials were planning to make pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements at the intersection and install radar speed sign.

Accidents can happen anywhere at a time when you least expect it. When it does, the victim has cause of action against the party at fault. A personal injury lawyer can help him pursue a case for compensation claims.