Friday, October 10, 2008

Road safety: A matter of choice

Accidents in the major highways and thoroughfares are becoming part of our daily living. Not a day passes by without it.

Just this week, another accident at Southbound I-15 near Barstow happened. Five people were injured and no fatalities were reported though.

Repeatedly, we are being cautioned from the debilitating effects of accidents. But it seems that we are continuously playing in the ring of death so to speak. We never learned our lesson from the experiences of others.

Accidents, just like any other occurrences, are preventable. By observing the diligence of a cautious man, we may be freed form injuries. We can also save lives. Observing road signs, traffic rules and speed limit are some steps we can take to prevent it.

Admittedly, though, there are moments when we are just being lured by fate into it. Sometimes, its just have to happen and unluckily, we are there at that moment. We are just caught unaware.

However, in most cases, accidents are caused by negligence of people - of the driver, pedestrian or passenger. Drunk driving and use of the phone while driving are some negligent acts attributed to humans while road condition, weather condition, negligence of others are instances beyond our control.

The bottom line is, to be involved or not in any vehicular accident lies in our own hands. We have the power to dictate our fate on the road. It is just a matter of choice.