Friday, October 3, 2008

Recovering Claims in Sexual Harassment Suit

Bringing a sexual harassment suit against one’s tormentor often entails hardship, not only in terms of the legal processes involved but also in the emotional difficulties one has to undergo.

The article, “Jury Deliberating Gay-Pride Suit Adjourns for Day”, posted on October 1, 2008, is an update report on the sexual harassment charge filed by four San Diego firefighters after being subjected to “sexually-charged scenes and lewd comments” in last year’s gay parade celebrations in the city.

The firefighters complained that after bringing up the matter to their superiors, they were mistreated and continued to receive offensive remarks.

Because of the experience, the four victims said they suffered “headaches, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome and other emotional problems.

Generally, a victim may file a claim for injuries suffered as a result of the sexual offenses. These injuries are not necessarily physical ones but are emotional injuries suffered by the victim.

In most cases, a victim may file a claim for the recovery of the following things:

• Damages for emotional distress

• Back pay (multiplied by three times) if you lost money or missed out on a raise

• Fringe benefits lost

• Reinstatement, if you lost your job

• A requirement that your employer initiate policies or training to stop harassment

• attorney's fees and court costs