Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Consequential Issues under the New ADA Amendments

California employees who are victims of discrimination based on disability have a reason to rejoice. Under the new amendment to the federal law, employees can expect to receive more protections as amendments to the old ADA have widened the scope of disability.

According to ”New Federal Law Provides more Disability Discrimination Protection to CA Employees: Amendment to Americans with Disabilities Act”, posted on October 9, 2008, the new legislation will result in more individuals claiming protection under the broader scope of the new law.

With the implementation of the amendments, more employees are expected to file discrimination claims and lawsuits. For employers, this would mean added work, as they are expected to make improvements and necessary changes in workplace policies and regulations. This would also mean making adjustments to provide reasonable accommodations to more disabled employees.

Although changes in the law have been introduced, the same processes are followed and the same requirements are applied when making or filing claims. In sum, the major change in the law is in the broader scope of the term and the effects it could bring to many employers.