Monday, October 20, 2008

New Car: Not worth Every Penny

We often think that only small vehicles like motorcycles are prone to accidents. This belief came to being maybe because small vehicles are no match for other vehicles on the streets such as SUVs, minivans, trucks, etc.

But did you know that even large vehicles are prone to accidents, too? Take for example in the case of SUVs. SUV rollover accidents are becoming a trend. In fact, another rollover accident happened just this week. Full story can be read at

Roll over accidents are not only often caused by negligence. It may also be due to manufacture defects or mechanical make up of the vehicle. Just imagine buying a new car just to find out that it is rollover prone!

This type of accident is usually related to the vehicle's stability. It is dictated by the relationship between the track width or the distance of the right and lefts tires and the center of the gravity. This relationship could be very well determined at the manufacturing stage. That is why I have pointed out earlier that it is not only due to negligent driving.

As of now, no federal roll over standard is followed but some are pushing into having one. Having a standard will help verify which vehicles are prone to rollover. To this effect, a rollover rating system has been presented by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2001.

A death of a loved one or an injury sustained because of rollover accident is devastating. The effect may be very traumatic especially if the accident is due to the fault of the manufacturer. Certainly, it is not worth your every penny so to speak.

Should you be a victim of a rollover accident, you may pursue a claim against the erring party. You just have to hire the best rollover accident lawyer to win your case.