Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Swimming pool Accident

Swimming pools are essentially attractive and eye-catching but with inherent hazards especially for children. These so-called ornaments have caught our attention with so much case of accidents and drowning scenarios.

Like in the recent case of the 6-year-old daughter Ruby, of Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood, where it was held in critical condition following pool accident that happened at the home of Fleetwood’s family friend in Los Angeles.

Ruby was the victim of an accident that is extremely serious, as held by the doctors treating her. According to the hospital spokespeople, she has made remarkable progress and doing quite well though, she still has not made a complete recovery. The doctors and the Fleetwood’ are optimistic that she will recover fully from the injuries she suffered.

Setting aside speculations on what really transpired in the incident, if anything the swimming pool accident and like cases underscores, was the importance of maintaining pool safety at all times, especially where there are children involved.

Whether the pool is situated in private homes, hotels or in public, pool safety must be taken huge considerations (at all times) by swimming pool owners or operators, as these provisions are common source of accidents especially for the sector of the kids.

For otherwise, the failure of the owners or operators to maintain their swimming pool in safe conditions or of them deficient in providing pool safety measures, will hold them liable for any accident or injury that may happen thereto. Specifically, a constitutive premise liability case can be filed against them.