Friday, August 29, 2008

Discriminated due to “Kissing Disease”

A kissing disease is an ailment which commonly occurs among young adults. Technically called Mononucleosis, this disease is typically transmitted through saliva or blood. It isn’t deadly but can make you miss work and can be a cause of action for discrimination claims.

Symptoms don’t appear until four to seven weeks of the infection. Typically, symptoms include:

• Fever
• Sore throat
• Depression
• Stomach ache
• Weakness or fatigue
• Severe tiredness
• Muscle soreness

The following symptoms might resemble and are commonly confused with cases of cold and flu. You might end up being discriminated against by your employer because of this rare disease when 1) you were not allowed to leave work to see a doctor, 2) you were not accommodated concerning your need to take reasonable time off work, 3) there were no reasonable on-work accommodations provided for your disability and 4) you were given time to rest.

This ailment is rare and most people with high resistance to bacterial infections do not easily experience this. Almost always, people who suffer from this disease didn’t know that they have it as it cannot be easily discerned.

However, if you believe that you are suffering from it, you must immediately seek medical assistance. And when you experience discrimination because of this sickness as mentioned in the instances above, speak with an employment law attorney to assist you for possible recovery of damages.

The ADA and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act can protect you from this kind of employment discrimination.