Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Prevalence of Multi-Vehicle Collisions on Freeways

Commonly referred to as one of the most fatal incidents on streets, multi-vehicle collisions or pile-up accidents bring about more than a thousand of injuries and deaths in California alone. That is, since the state envelopes some of the most dangerous highways and freeways in the United States.

As reported recently, a multi-vehicle accident again happened in one of the busiest freeways in California. Three different types of vehicles have been the subject of such accident, which killed two young victims. It involved a truck trailer that rear-ended a car situated on the back of a motorcycle, which stopped along the freeway for unknown reasons.

The drivers of the car and the motorcycle, who happen to be siblings, died on the spot due to the impact created by the raging truck that failed to make a timely stop.

This example tells us how risky it is to be driving on major highways and freeways where thousands vehicles of various kinds run wild. Many motorists are still unaware of the dangers of driving without caution.

Primarily, negligence is the root cause of most multi-vehicle accidents. These irresponsible individuals still assume that they own the road and fail to care about the safety of other travelers. As a result, they tend to cause great injuries and damages.

Now, to at least the accounts of these accidents and misfortunes, I guess the authorities should strictly implement more laws that will castigate these negligent drivers. Also, they should conduct more seminars and campaigns about road safety.

Nevertheless, our motorists should me more vigilant in traveling. They should know how to foresee accidents in various conditions.

Finally, for those who have already been injured in a multi-vehicle catastrophe, they should understand their legal rights. Consulting a credible vehicle accident lawyer can then be advantageous in pursuing a legal action against the liable parties.