Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Battling Motor Vehicle Accidents in Los Angeles

For quite a long number of years, Los Angeles is experiencing great troubles in dealing with various types of motor vehicle accidents that results to thousands of people injured and even killed.

Most of these untoward incidents are being caused by those people who are negligent and careless with their behavior. Further, during these recent years, famous celebrities are also facing annoyance and dangers in dealing with paparazzi photographers who frequently go beyond their limits just to take a close shot on them.

Enough is enough for these irresponsible acts as many Hollywood stars echoed their appeal against paparazzi. During an inaugural meeting, held at the LA City Hall, celebrities gave their testimonies of dangerous chases and dreadful experiences with paparazzi.

However, the Police Department seems so sluggish and uninterested in forming a task force to battle these occurrences. They said that all the existing rules and operations are just enough to handle paparazzi problems.

In my opinion, I think that it is just time to establish a group operating against paparazzi. We should not wait until such major accidents occur due to these dangerous dealings.

Even our celebrities have their right to protection on the roads – and creating a special task force may keep them safe from those people who earn money at their expense.

Paparazzi photographers must learn to respect the privacy of these celebrities at some point. They must also be aware that our laws will apply if they have caused injuries and damages resulting from such performances.