Friday, May 17, 2013

Witnesses’ Testimonies Intensify Michael Jackson’s Wrongful Death Case Atmosphere

Since Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial has commenced, a series of developments started to surface from several witnesses who wish for the case’s final resolution.

Apparently, the case filed by MJ’s mother, Katherine Jackson and his three children, in wake of the pop star’s death started to shed light after several witnesses have recently took the witness stand.

Previous reports have confirmed that the King of Pop’s make-up artist, a health expert, and a paramedic have recently testified in the said wrongful death case. In her emotional testimony, MJ’s former make-up artist, Karen Faye described how MJ has changed over 27 years. She claimed that she was shocked upon seeing that the King of Pop’s once muscular body has turned thin, and actually skeletal. He seemed not strong enough for the rigorous concert schedule during the preparation of his comeback concert, ‘This Is It’, she said.

Faye also recounted few moments wherein she felt broken hearted while preparing for MJ’s upcoming concert. She testified how she pitied MJ after the singer’s costume designer claimed that he could already see MJ’s heart beating through his skin. In response, MJ’s manager simply said “Get him a bucket of chicken.” She also told the court that she was alarmed by Jackson’s use of painkillers since the time he was accidentally burned during the filming of a Pepsi commercial to the day of his concert rehearsals before he died.

Meanwhile, in a testimony provided by the paramedic and firefighter, Richard Sennef, who was a part of the rescue team during MJ’s death, he affirmed that Dr. Conrad Murray, MJ’s attending physician during the time his death, made multiple statements to cover up what really happened that resulted to the singer’s cardiac arrest.

Sennef described what he saw in the singer’s bedroom during their arrival at the scene. He claimed that there was an IV pole, but no heart monitor or resuscitation equipment inside the room. The way he looked at MJ that time, he thought that the singer, who remained unresponsive despite all efforts to revive him, was at the end of a disease process. He looks pale and emancipated, he said.

He claimed that Murray looks frazzled, pale and sweaty while reviving the singer. In his perceptive, MJ’s blue hands, feet and lips all signaled that he was already dead and haven’t breathing for a long time. On the other hand, Murray reiterated that Jackson was only dehydrated and exhausted. Also, Murray even denied that MJ was on medication, and did not mention anything about the Propofol, the powerful sedative that the autopsy has confirmed to cause the singer’s death.

Furthermore, an expert cardiologist was also called in court to testify. In s statement released by Dr. Daniel Wohlgelemter, a Santa Monica-based cardiologist, he claimed that after reviewing Murray’s credentials as a health care provider, he found him unqualified to treat the singer for his insomnia or drug addiction.

Wohlgelmter found out that Murray had no formal training on how to treat such problems, making him impossible to treat the singer’s sleeping issue as well as to administer the powerful anesthetic, Propofol, to help the singer sleep.

In addition, Murray also made a mistake by improperly focusing on the singer’s heart during the resuscitation. Wohlgelmter further claimed that the company should have asked why Jackson and Murray wanted to work with each other, but apparently, the company failed to do so.

So far, more witnesses are expected to take the witness stand in the next few days. Therefore, a Los Angeles injury attorney speculates that many other private moments from the singer’s private life will be publicly exposed as the case moves forward.