Friday, May 10, 2013

AEG Warns about Michael Jackson’s ‘Ugly Stuff’ to be Revealed as Wrongful Death Trial Begins

As the trial begins on Michael Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit, recent news reports emerged claimed that during the opening statement, AEG Live lawyers warned jurors about the possibility of exposing the King of Pop’s biggest hidden secrets as the civil case commence.

According to Reuters, in his opening statement, AEG’s lawyer, Marvin Putnam affirmed that the three-month trial would bring to light some ‘ugly stuff’ that people don’t know about the renowned singer.

To begin with, Putnam asserted that during his lifetime, MJ put a wall between him and his family. Therefore, even his family wasn’t sure what was going on with the pop icon. He distanced himself to anyone who could have helped him with his unusual behavior.

Ironically, while Putnam claimed that Jackson has been using the powerful anesthetic Propofol for years to help him sleep, he likewise reiterated that AEG had no idea that MJ was taking the surgical anesthetic that led to his death.

MJ’s mother, Katherine Jackson and the his three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, are accusing AEG for negligently hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to look after the singer’s health condition in preparation for his comeback concert, ‘This Is It’ in 2009.

Meanwhile, AEG still contends that it did not hire or supervise Murray in administering the powerful surgical anesthetic to MJ.

During Monday’s trial, a handful of MJ’s fans gathered outside the court and anticipating for justice for the pop icon while the Jackson family didn’t showed up in the house.

Fortunately for MJ’s family, despite the fact that the defendant party is continuously throwing unpleasant revelations (which we do not know whether it is truth or threaded lies) about the King of Pop, his fans still remain supportive with him all this time, admired by a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.