Friday, May 3, 2013

Los Angeles Motorcycle Attorney Tackles Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Following the Distracted Driving Awareness Month that was held last month, the nation is now celebrating Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, in which a Los Angeles law firm ensured to take part on the event.

In an effort to support the celebration of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, several lawyers herein talk about how you can maintain safe driving in your bikes.

Unfortunately, although there are many traffic rules and regulations that are being implemented in Los Angeles to make sure that the safety of motorists and even pedestrians, they are not always observed, resulting in more motorcycle accidents. In fact, based on recent statistic, figures revealed that 361 people died from motorcycle accidents while some 11,000 people were injured.

Consequently, a Los Angeles motorcycle attorney from the firm is once again reminding all motorcycle drivers to obtain the proper safety equipments and professional training as required by the law before hitting the road with your bikes.

Each year, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is holding a series of Basic Rider Courses, which the agency strictly recommends for drivers to take.  Other private facilities are also offering valuable advanced training, highlighting subjects ranging from off-road driving skills to road-racing techniques.

The law firm further warned motorists of using unapproved helmets. It is best to invest on a more expensive helmet approved by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards than stick to the cheaper ones that usually fail during collisions.

While motorcycle helmets can reduce the risk of a traumatic brain injury resulting from accidents, motorcycle clothing and other protective gears can help prevent severe injuries. In addition, constant training can significantly help save lives.

Moreover, although strict maintenance for motorcycles is a bit costly, keep in mind that a defective or damaged part of the vehicle could likely result in a tragedy. The Mesriani Law Group advised to have a regular motorcycle inspection and tune-up.

Last but not the least, the law firm further noted that there is a higher chance of getting involved in an accident when driving on shoulder lanes.

Given the long years of experience in handling motorcycle accident cases, the law firm herein was able to provide the above-said safety precautions to help motorist in preventing possible accidents and injuries from being involved in such misfortunes.