Friday, March 22, 2013

San Mateo County Cracks Down on Distracted Drivers on Intersections

Vehicle accidents commonly occur at intersections where traffic moves in several different directions. Accidents on intersections are likely to occur especially if a driver is distracted or does not observe traffic laws. Moreover, it is often devastating and can lead to serious bodily injury and costly damages since it can create a huge impact and may involve other vehicles.

Consequently, the San Mateo County has come to a point of cracking down distracted drivers on intersections.

According to reports, two dozens of traffic enforcers in motorcycles from all over the Peninsula were dispatched at Redwood City and Menlo Park, wherein some of the most dangerous crossings lie last Wednesday.

Apparently, the officers did not have a hard time nabbing drivers who failed to yield for pedestrians at crosswalks since they were on their motorcycles to go after the traffic violators.

Traffic collision date revealed that Redwood City was identified as having some of the most dangerous intersections. Also, in the same location, there has been overwhelming complaints of traffic accidents from the citizens, according to Burlingame police Captain Eric Wollman.

Unfortunately, traffic enforcers also put their lives in danger when cracking down unyielding drivers. In fact, many of them admitted that vehicles get past them, nearly running them over.

Subsequently, police told media sources that they issued nearly 200 citations from their recent traffic enforcement operation. Tickets may range from approximately $200.00 to $400 dollars, the officer said.

Furthermore, the officers are expected to have another operation at Millbrae and in some other cities next month, the report confirmed.

As it is, the San Mateo County sees taking such severe precautionary measures as the best way to end distracted driving. It is like educating all its residents about the dangers that it present, agreed by a Los Angeles injury attorney.