Friday, April 5, 2013

Truck Driver Loses Consciousness After Choking on Food; Causes California Fatal Crash

Image is a screenshot of the original photo taken by KCRA3.
Distracted driving laws only prohibit the use of handheld devices, but who knows in the near future, state regulators might also ban eating while driving following a tragic truck accident that killed and injured other motorists on the road.

According to recent news reports, at least two people were killed after a truck driver who choked on food and lost consciousness on California Highway just near Sacramento lost control of the big rig that he was driving.

Police reports claimed that the truck driver choke on food and lost his unconsciousness while driving along the eastbound lanes of Interstate 80, which is 15 miles west of Sacramento. Subsequently, the big rig drifted onto the right shoulder of the road and then sharply veered back to the left, going across the highway and over the center divider. As a result of which, it struck into an approaching BMW, which burst into flames before killing its two passengers.

The driver of the truck regained consciousness but it was too late to avoid another collision. The big rig further crashed into other two vehicles leaving three other motorists with minor to moderate injuries, according to the California Highway Patrol spokesperson.

The truck driver suffered minor to moderate injuries including burns. All lanes in the highway were closed to traffic for hours.

So far, the identity of the victims and the truck driver remains unveiled.

Truck accidents rarely occur. In fact, it accounts for only a small percentage on all vehicle accidents all over the country. However, when such accidents happen, it is often fatal and results to severe injuries, observed by a Los Angeles personal injury attorney