Friday, March 8, 2013

Speedway Crash that Injured 33 NASCAR Fans Raises Safety Issues

Following the terrifying Daytona International Speedway crash last Saturday, which injured 33 NASCAR fans, questions regarding safety at racetracks were raised.

According to previous news reports, the accident occurred after Kyle Larson’s car went flying during the final lap of a second-tier race. The car came to a stop on the barrier that separates the cars from fans. As a result of which, the fence was shredded and large pieces of debris including a tire sprayed into the upper and lower section of the stands.

At least 33 people were said to be injured from the crash, and many of who stayed in the hospital until Sunday. On the other hand, the driver of the car was left uninjured.

In a statement released by track president Joie Chitwood, he assured that the workers have successfully repaired the section of the fence that was damaged from the Saturday’s crash.

It is expected for fans that would be going for the NASCAR’s biggest race on Sunday will feel uncomfortable with their seating, particularly those who will be seated up-close at the race track.

Consequently, Chitwood further claimed that he has also assigned officials for the upcoming Daytona 500 for the fans who wouldn’t feel comfortable with their seating location. Fans are rest assured that they would receive every accommodation that the premise management can do.

Nevertheless, after the Saturday’s crash, some of the fans would still definitely doubt about their safety while inside the premise despite the outstanding preparedness exhibited by the speedway’s crews and paramedics, commented by a Los Angeles injury lawyer. Unfortunately, no matter how we try to take car of ourselves and avoid accidents whenever we are, accidents still occur, he added.