Friday, December 18, 2009

Police Commences 18-Day Crackdown on Drunk Drivers this Holiday Season

Bad news for drunk drivers in San Diego, various law enforcement agencies in the county has joined forces to begin an 18-day crackdown on possible DUI drivers.

Actually, this is more like good news as this program may save your life.
With the advent of the holiday season, authorities expect a rise in the number of DUI cases.

The police know that there are still a lot of negligent drivers out there who believes they can drive a car even when drunk.

Various agencies will set up a number of DUI checkpoints in key locations and flood the streets with police officers to deter these drunken drivers from causing car accidents.

This zero-tolerance effort will last through January 3, thanks to the grant from California’s Office of Traffic Safety.

This yearly program has been proven effective in decreasing the number of car accidents related to DUI.

Hopefully, this year will set another record with the lowest number of injuries and fatalities related to alcohol or drugs.

If that happens we truly will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays.