Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Owners of Escondido Property to Remove Abandoned Shack Connected to Fatal DUI Crash

In what many call as a step a little too late, owners of an abandoned guard shack in unincorporated Escondido will be brought down after being linked to a fatal DUI car accident that killed an 18-year-old.

A spokesperson from New Urban-West, the owners of the building, said that they are making arrangements to tear down the building and clean up the 10-acre property at 2070 Country Club Drive to prevent any more trespassing.

This move came after it was discovered that some teens used the dilapidated shack to drink and party before the December 11 crash that killed Jeffrey David Hodson.

Hodson’s mother claimed that the shack should have been torn down years ago as it was being used by a lot of teens as a place to drink alcohol for years.

It took her son’s death to finally wake up the people who own the property.

Preventing car accidents, especially those related to DUI, needs active involvement from the community.

Both the residents and business owners have a role to play in preventing these tragedies from happening.

The parents should be able to educate the people in their household, especially their children about the dangers of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

The business owners in their little ways can also contribute.

Store owners can be stricter about requiring IDs from those buying alcohol or by making sure that their unused buildings or structures will not be used to secretly hold parties where teens drink alcohol.

Although, we can make a claim for personal injuries or wrongful death against drunk drivers, the money awarded cannot really replace the losses we incur in a car accident.

Preventing a DUI accident from happening is better than trying to handle the consequences after it has already happened.