Thursday, December 10, 2009

Damage suit filed against Facebook

Apart from finding long lost loved ones and friends, social networking sites also provides games and other applications appearing to be free of charge.

But a 41-year old dance instructor realized that its subscriptions to a social networking site entailed hidden charges.

In Santa Cruz, Rebecca Swift claimed that she lost $200 while playing games on Zynga. Swift added that Zynga should compensate users who had been scammed. Zynga is a site that allows Facebook users to play against each other using virtual coins.

In response, Facebook claimed that Swift’s case was baseless but promised to fight suspicious advertisers.

Most people resort to fraudulent acts to earn a living. False advertising is one of those acts hence, punishable by law. A damage suit may be filed against these scrupulous individuals for their tortuous conduct. In turn, victims should be compensated for the pain, suffering or sleepless nights caused by such false advertising.

This incident should also be a lesson to all social network users to never give any material information pertaining to their financial accounts.