Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Teenage Drivers: Young Guns

Irresponsible drivers, if left unchecked, are a menace to the public.

A female teen driver is now in the hospital after two separate traffic accidents, the first being a hit and run which totaled another teenager’s car and the second, a fatal car crash which killed a 53-year old female driver.

The 17-year-old driver first crashed her black Ford pick-up truck against the Chevrolet Cavalier of University student Taya Chase who was then pulling out of her driveway. The impact of the crash caused Chase’s car to go off the road and onto the sidewalk, crashing into three utility boxes which caused a power outage in the neighborhood.

Chase, who was uninjured but complained of back and neck pain said that the teenager just drove away and was going at about 70 mph. The hit and run happened at 6:35 a.m. Chase, who tried to follow the driver memorized the license plate of the truck and described the female driver as looking pale with brown hair.

Shortly, right before 7:00 a.m., Pamela Sue Marabeas of Santee was killed when her Ford Explorer was broadsided by the same hit-and-run driver. The truck, which was going at a high rate of speed, pushed both vehicles across all westbound lanes of traffic and over the curb.

Authorities are still investigating the crash as there was also heavy fog in the area at the time of the collision. The female teenage driver, whose name was not released, is in critical condition.

At all ages, males had higher death rates in motor vehicle accidents than females but female drivers are quickly closing the gap. But all across the board, teenager drivers are still considered are major hazard as their numbers of crashes and crash deaths are disproportionately high.

One may consider their immaturity and relative experience as the cause behind such staggering statistics. After all, the mentality of being invincible as a young person may cause a lot of teenage drivers to engage in risky driving practices such as speeding and tailgating.

Teenagers too, may feel they can get away with a lot of things so they will most likely try to flee after an accident.

But youth doesn’t necessarily give teenagers the license to do as they please, without suffering the consequences of their actions. A lot of teenage drivers have been convicted and tried as an adult because of their gross negligence and the criminal repercussions of their acts.