Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Car Crash Injuries still Mounting

According to the Department of Transportation Fatality Analysis Reporting System, although the number of injuries in car crash accidents has decreased in 2008, the numbers are still substantial.

In 2008, were a total of over 5.8 million car crashes, 1,630,000 which caused injury, 4,146,000 which resulted to property-damage, and 34,017 which ended in death. These staggering numbers from the year before have still failed to deter drivers from engaging in risky behavior.

A 38-year old female passenger has been recently left in critical condition in Laguna Beach when the silver BMW X3 she was riding in crashed into a barrier which separates the road from the sidewalk and flipped over.

The rollover caused the woman to get thrown out from the vehicle and she sustained serious head injuries when she was rushed to Mission Hospital. Authorities say that it is not sure whether the female passenger would survive.

The driver, 38-year old Matthew Craybas was under the influence at the time of the crash according to the police. Craybas was arrested and booked into Laguna Beach jail. Charges of a felony DUI may be filed against him.

Driving is a responsibility, not a privilege. Yet a lot of drivers continue wantonly disregard the laws such as driving under the influence and speeding, all to the detriment of their passengers or other people on the road who may just be unlucky enough to be at the right place at the wrong time.

For some people like Matthew Craybas, their refusal to act responsibly will now force them to face the consequences of their actions. Criminal charges may be filed against him as driving under the influence whether of drugs or alcohol is illegal in California.

Likewise, should the female passenger survive, she has a right to sue Craybas for the damages she suffered, actual, moral, physical even to the extent of the pain and suffering she will experience in the aftermath of a car accident.