Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Suspect in Parking Garage Fire still at Large

Fires usually break out due to accidents. However, in a fire incident that happened in a parking garage, two individuals deliberately set a vehicle on fire causing hundreds of dollars in damages.

In University City, Diana Dypvik, 21, and Derek Jones, 29 were the suspects in a $125,000 second-alarm fire that happened on June 10. Dyprik turned herself in while Jones remained at large.

Upon investigation, authorities learned that the couple drove to the parking structure, poured a flammable liquid in one of the vehicles then left. The flames spread to another car causing heavy smoke damage to the structure and melted overhanging utility lines and other fixtures. The possible motive of the fire was not disclosed.

If not due to the surveillance camera, authorities may have concluded that this was fruit of a negligent act. But the video clearly showed two individuals causing the fire.

Fire accidents happen due to negligence. While it entails penalty, a higher penalty awaits for culprits who deliberately set something on fire. The culprits will not only be criminally liable but also civilly liable for the costs of property damage caused by the fire. The employment of an experience lawyer is advised.