Wednesday, September 17, 2008

That Horrible Metrolink Train Accident

Although the Federal transportation official made a pronouncement that it is too early to know what really caused the train crash that left:

• 25 people dead
• 135 people injured
• 40 critically injured

… the Metrolink official earlier said that the train crashed after their engineer drove through in red light.

Metrolink sensibly accepted responsibility in this now the worst train accident in Southern California, if not the whole of California, in half a century.

The LA Times extensively reported the news. And as if echoing the question many victims and their families or the public in general have in mind, the news account asks “how the Metrolink engineer could have missed the red signal.”

We cannot answer this question with definiteness this early. We can only surmise, speculate and infer from many unclear but determinable details of what really took place in the accident and what really caused it.

A lot has been said but as mentioned, that would remain speculations for now.

Answer/s to that question will not be available sooner or later as the investigation is still on going.

One thing is certain here though. Metrolink, now dubbed as one of the worst in the US when it comes to fatality record, will be facing the inevitable legal consequences brought about by this unfortunate train accident.