Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Labor Day Weekend: The Roads Safest Days

Generally, accidents can be expected during the holiday, especially the long ones, because people move around a lot. People travel miles and miles of distances for merry making and spending time with their families and loved one.

So it is refreshing news to hear that San Francisco, and the majority of cities and counties in California as well, recorded a lower motor vehicle accidents on this year’s Labor Day weekend.

According to the report of the California Highway Patrol, the traffic fatalities were surprisingly lower this year than last year. And the Labor Day weekend when traffic fatalities were historically the highest has been the safest in a year so far.

The downside is that as the accident rate decreases, the number of arrests made increases. This, the authorities theorized, has something to do with the measures of keeping the streets from offenders and consequently keeping roads and streets safer.

Majority of the arrest made involved DUI. There were also cases involving non-use of seatbelts. It was recorded that there are at least 9 deaths that occur in traffic accidents related to non-usage or not wearing of seatbelts. Such deaths, authorities believe, would have been prevented if only seatbelts were worn.

The same report revealed that automobile accidents in San Francisco were down almost half of the number recorded last year.

Generally, it is something to rejoice with and congratulate the California Highway Patrol for helping keeping our streets safer. Accident, especially auto accident, is something that we don’t want to happen to us or to our loved one and families – so news of this sort will always be a welcome treat for us especially during the times of rest and merry-making.