Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Insufficient Programs Demand Social Security Disability Insurance Lawyers

Because of the growing number of people filing their applications for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, the SSA has come up with various ways to resolve the issue of backlogs and delays in approval. Yet, many eligible employees are still unaware of these recent developments that aim to help speed up the process.
There are many methods in order to avail of your SSDI benefits. Among these are:
  • Going to the nearest SSA office for personal filing
  • Phone application
  • Browsing the SSA’s website at http://www.ssa.gov/
Either ways, Social Security is giving all their efforts to attend to the needs of the applicants. In fact, they are always making it a point to assist the people with their concerns on gathering necessary documents, filing procedure and even the correct approach in filing an appeal after a case denial.
However, these service improvements are most of the times insufficient in accommodating the needs of the tremendous number of applicants. Hence, majority of the petitions filed to the government agency are taking too much time for appropriate actions. Consequently, many of the disabled employees are choosing to withdraw their pursuance.
As provided by the existing laws, all eligible workers have their rights to be given their SSDI benefits. No matter what, they must receive what are due for them since they are the ones who are supporting the SSA operations thru their Social Security taxes.
Because of this scenario, many of us Social Security Disability Insurance lawyers are extending our services to those who are having troubles in pursuing their SSDI applications. We also understand that many applications are being denied due to the lack of enough knowledge regarding the laws that apply in Social Security.
Thus, we are making sure that all our clients well understand the process before pushing through with it. We, SSDI lawyers ensure that all the procedures are being followed and all the necessary documents are ready for filing. We also make it a point that whosoever applicants we represent will not just acquire their benefits but also be free from worries and hardships.