Friday, January 4, 2008

Designing Employment Contracts with LA Corporate Law Attorneys

Formulating a good employment contract is definitely important in running a smooth business in Los Angeles. This bond discusses most vital issues that should be addressed by both the employers and their workers. Thus, companies and businesspersons must make sure that these contracts are free of flaws. Hiring LA corporate law attorneys will certainly resolve this problem.
A credible and highly skilled advocate has the capability of guiding an employer on what to include in an employment contract.
  • Business Description – Should be well detailed for it may be used in the company’s restrictive policies such as non-compete agreements, which protect the business from trade secret pilfering and other intellectual property theft.
  • Employee’s Job – Here, the worker’s scope of employment must be fully described together with his duties and responsibilities in the company.
  • Employee Limitations – This part will explain an employee’s limitations in the company during and after his term of employment. It lays down some provisions regarding the access of vital or confidential information about the company’s trade and its operating procedures.
  • Terms on Confidentiality of Intellectual Properties – Equally important as it should be, the employers must precisely reiterate in this section that all their employees are bound to be subjected under the rules of information secrecy.
  • Termination Policy – This provision states all the possible grounds for employment termination and other legal consequences that may result from an employee’s action.
  • Financial Issues – This part lays down how much money an employee may receive from performing his job. This includes his base salary, stock options and other additional benefits.
Adding to its importance, a well-formulated employment contract may also serve as a reference in case of employment disputes. Hence, a complete and legally binding contract is necessary in avoiding future legal worries. This may only be achieved with the assistance of a highly trained corporate law attorney in LA.