Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chain Accident Misfortunes

Try to imagine your car being hit by another vehicle… a massive truck perhaps. What scenario do you think will happen next?
You are just so lucky if you have incurred only serious injuries from such crashes. What more then, if you were in the middle of a vehicular accident involving more that a hundred of cars and 18 big rig trucks. I tell you, this experience will definitely change your faith in traveling.
The aforementioned vehicular pile-up, which caused the lives of two individuals and injured many others, really happened November of last year on Highway 99 near Fresno according to a blog article that I recently read. The enormous number of vehicles engaged in the traffic disaster makes it among the worst accidents in the history of road travel in the U.S.
In this particular chain accident, the poor visibility in the area is pointed out as the main reason why it occurred. Said by the first people who responded on the scene, the situation was chaotic.
Early before that tragedy, another chain accident happened close to that area. Similarly, the foggy weather condition, which is very common in Central part of California, is the cause pointed out.
On the other hand, I just wonder how the authorities have established who were liable for the resulting injuries and damages. The tremendous number of suspects might give them difficulties in assessing the situation.
Same thing, the fatalities and injured victims might not obtain justice and remunerations from the accident. Not unless they would hire an able lawyer who is quite adept on California chain accident laws and is expert in determining the liable parties, they would certainly remain unaided.
Acquiring the possible legal remedies from chain accident can be exhaustive and difficult. Thus, to avoid these types of vehicle crashes, it is advisable to take all the necessary precautions especially when driving on a bad weather condition.