Thursday, April 26, 2012

Woman Involved in a Single Vehicle Accident Refuses Help

A woman who rammed her car into a building in Boyle Heights tried to refuse help coming from the people who witnessed the single accident on Tuesday morning.

According to reports, the woman was driving with a rate of speed of 60 to 80 mph when the car she was driving rammed into a building east of downtown Los Angeles.

Witnesses said that the woman sped fast while driving in Boyle Avenue, swerved onto the other side of the street, and went over the curb, causing the car to ram into the Enki Youth and Family Services Building.  

One of the witnesses stated that he and his friend were the first ones who responded and helped the woman, but the woman seemed unwelcome to the help they extended to her. The woman allegedly even yelled at her rescuers and tried to piss them off.

Respondents further stated that they had to dig the woman to free her from the wrecked car and the woman even tried to run. Therefore, respondents had to detain the woman until the police arrived.

Although witnesses speculated that the woman had a medical condition that may caused her impairment, authorities are still determining the main cause of the accident. Alcohol was also suspected as a factor to the incident. Nevertheless, the woman was transported to the nearest hospital as a precautionary measure even though there was no apparent sign of personal injury on her.

Meanwhile, the building is being restricted from unauthorized persons until the premise was declared safe.

Allegedly the woman was not arrested probably due to the absence of a complaint since nobody sustained injury from the single car accident. But, she would definitely be required to pay for damages incurred by the incident. If that will be the case, she may no longer need to obtain the services of a vehicle accident lawyer to assist her in bringing out a defense for her actions.