Monday, March 28, 2011

A Walk to Brain Injury Awareness

In celebration of the Brain Injury Awareness Month, hundreds of traumatic brain injury victims, their families and supporters will gather and walk around the state Capitol to raise funds intended to help other TBI victims and increase public awareness throughout the country.

This annual Walk for Thought in Sacramento was spearheaded by the Brain Injury Association of California with about a thousand members to attend the event. Related events will also be held in nine other cities of California.

Kathi Sturgeon, 50, who incurred TBI in a DUI accident three years ago, expressed her joy in participating to the said event. She further revealed that she was able to remember her friend’s name after taking her first couple of steps.

Like Sturgeon, most people with traumatic brain injuries were involved in motor vehicle accidents. Many of them weren’t able to recover thus they have to remain on wheelchairs and still bear with mental, emotional, psychological and cognitive sufferings such as damage to memory, speed of thought and judgment.

Depression or lacks of inhibitions are also common for TBI victims. Hence, brain injury patients must get immediate medical treatment and rehabilitation to have better chances of regaining their lives.

Events like this, I guess, will not only earn money to support the rehabilitation of victims. Knowing that there are organizations and private individuals that support their cause, patients might also be inspired to undergo the hardships.

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