Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heavy Rains and Road Accidents: How External Factors can lead to Car Accidents

In Los Angeles, due to strong wind and heavy rains, big trees fell and caused road obstruction while the road became slippery that caused accidents to some motorists; fortunately, the victims suffered only minor injuries.

Weather reports said the heavy storm on Sunday poured so much water in the entire region that experts say was almost equivalent to the total rainfall of more than the entire season.

The forecast said more rains may be expected in the coming days as the weekend will be cloudy, although with light precipitation.

On this rainy season we should all be careful while on the road. Check the road news and weather forecast before driving out. Don’t go to mountainside for there might have landslide or falling of trees. Neither at the seacoast for there might be high tide and strong waves.

External factors such as road or weather conditions can have adverse effects on driving . Rain, snow or sleet can make the roads slippery and can lead to accidents such as crashes and collisions.

A flooded road or highway also poses other dangers which are sometimes hidden or not visible to the motorists’ eyes such as debris from trees washed away by water, or open drains and manholes. On the other hand, dark ice, which is a thin film of ice and dirt on the road, can also make driving hazardous, causing slippery roads that often results in crashes and collisions.

To help you recover damages from car accidents, you need to consult with an experienced car accident attorney, who can help you determine fault and establish liability in the accident.