Friday, May 14, 2010

WWE Executive allegedly Sacked Over Sexual Harassment Claims

The World Wrestling Entertainment recently fired a general counsel after reports about an alleged sexual harassment came out.

Jared Bartie, who was the executive VP and general counsel handling the company’s legal and business affairs, is no longer on the WWE’s listing of its corporate officers in their corporate website.

According to reports, a female WWE employee from its sales department has accused Bartie of making unwanted sexual advances during the Wrestlemania 26 after party last March.

There were no details on whether he resigned or he was let go.

But it did not end there, in a twist of event worthy of a WWE Raw or Smackdown script, the female employee was also sacked after she was reportedly caught in a sex act with a subordinate male employee within the company premises.

Since Bartie is a lawyer himself, I would not be surprised if he turns the tables on WWE and file for wrongful termination.

If he could discredit the allegations of the female worker who filed the sexual harassment claim, especially now that she was caught in an inappropriate affair herself, then maybe he could also justify that he was not given due process when he was let go.

There are not many details to go about but I would not be surprised if counter lawsuits are filed by each camp in the next few days.