Friday, May 28, 2010

Woman Files a Claim for Trip-and-Fall Accident

City officials must make sure that public properties are in properly maintained and will not cause harm to anyone. They must immediately fix roads and sidewalks that have become hazardous to people walking by.

A 66-year-old Anaheim woman recently filed a $50,000 claim against Huntington Beach for the injuries she sustained in a trip-and-fall accident last December near the intersection of Knoxville Avenue and Florida Street.

Reports indicate that Peggy Carroll was walking to her daughter’s parked car when she tripped on an uneven sidewalk and hit her head onto the ground causing the side of her face to be bruised.

Since then, the woman claimed she was burdened by medical expenses including an on-going treatment for her neck and back injuries.

The uneven sidewalk caused by raised roots of nearby trees was fixed by the city shortly after the accident.

These accidents could have been avoided if only city officials were thorough in making sure that sidewalks are still in good condition and repair those that are damaged by different factors.