Monday, November 24, 2008

Workweek and Minimum Wage Compliance Definitions

Employers should be aware of what constitutes a workweek and minimum wage compliance as provided under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA).

Workweek under the FSLA is defined as the “fixed and recurring period of 168 hours -seven consecutive 24-hour periods”. It may begin on any day and hour of the week and need not correspond with the calendar week.

Knowing the workweek is essential because it determines minimum wage compliance. Any time beyond the 168 hours shall be considered overtime hence, compensable.

Minimum wage compliance is an order that sets the minimum amount an employee should be paid in an hour.

Employees should receive compensation as set by the law. Any amount received by the latter below such standards would make the employer liable.

Guidelines on workweek and minimum wage compliance are vital. Employers would not have any reasons for not complying as they are mapped out by the law. Hence, liability may easily be pointed at the employer.

Employees should know their rights under the law. Various laws are enacted to protect their well-being. They just have to be vigilant and sue to vindicate their rights.