Friday, November 14, 2008

Records to Keep in compliance with FMLA

Employers are required by law to maintain records for safekeeping. No less than the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) imposes this responsibility upon them. These records must be preserved for at least three years and be open for any inspection by the Department of Labor representatives.

Covered employer must keep accurate records for each eligible employee. These records need not be in a certain format so long as it includes certain identifying information concerning the employee and data regarding hours worked and wages earned.

The Act requires employers to keep records of the following information:

• Basic payroll information and identifying employee data such as name, address and occupation and terms and conditions of employment

• Dates FMLA leave is taken by the eligible employees which may be taken from the latter’s time record or requests for leave

• Hours of leave if taken less than one full day

• Copies of notices of leave and copies of all general and specific
written notices given to employees as required under FMLA

• Any documents concerning employee benefits or employer policies and practices on paid and unpaid leaves

• Premium payments of employee benefits

• account of any dispute between the employer and an eligible
employee regarding designation of leave as FMLA leave reasons for designation.