Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Understand the Law to Understand Your Rights

Discrimination is a universal issue. No place on earth is free from the prejudice of other people who look down on others and treat them differently because of their certain characteristic.
Some might think that discrimination no longer exists in a more neutral and fair society we live in today. Some might think that discrimination belongs to history – before the time laws on prejudice and bias are promulgated and recognized by humanity. Unfortunately, there are things that do not remain in the past; lives on in the present and could likely continue on into the future.
Even in the parts of the world where we expect that discrimination would be less rampant due to its commonality, we might find ourselves disappointed when we discover that even people in these areas continue to discriminate individuals of a different color, race, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation, or individuals who are disabled or pregnant.
One of the most common discrimination that is evident in our society is employment discrimination. In fact, the office of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is often hurled with a multitude of discrimination cases filed by workers from the county of Los Angeles.
Discrimination in the workplace arises too often because many workers are not familiar with their rights. There are numerous employees who do not understand, or are not even aware of the employment laws which protect them from unfair and unlawful treatment in their workplace.
It would be beneficial for workers to learn and recognize their rights. Perhaps reading more on matters of employment laws will help them. One material I read entitled, “Understanding Employment Discrimination Law” provides an overview on such issue.
Understanding these laws will help you recognize when and how your employer is in violation of these policies and your rights as well. Such instances where you find yourself being discriminated by your employer, you can turn to lawyers for their legal services. They can certainly help you figure out the best way to proceed and how you can obtain justice from such unaccepted and inexcusable conduct.