Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Look at Motorcycle Accidents

Is it so hard for drivers to remain vigilant on the roads? It seems that traffic regulations, traffic safety programs, and all kinds of safety warning signs on the road will never be enough to keep the roads of California accident-free. Even safety devices, like the seat belts or helmets, are taken for granted by drivers.
No wonder fatality rates among these motorists are still on the rise, despite all attempts of the government to reduce vehicle accidents. Amid these vehicle accidents, one of the most severe casualties are from motorcycle accidents.
Day after day, we hear of motor accidents on the news. Poor individuals suffer severe injuries because of being hit by other motorists. Let’s take the example of a motorcycle driver who was riding along Wilshire Blvd. when a car heading the opposite direction made a sudden and unsignaled left turn within a few feet away.
He was taken by surprise thus disabling him to avoid the incoming crash. In split seconds, he flew away from his motorcycle and plummeted onto the side of the road. He suffered second degree burns from brushing onto the pavement. He also sustained multiple cuts and bruises, along with broken bones on his arms and legs, and a dislocated shoulder.
Vehicle drivers need to be on guard at all times. They need to understand they may put other people’s lives in danger if they are not careful with their driving.
It is sad enough that many people lose their lives to these accidents. It is a much depressing thought that people who are responsible for these accidents seem apathetic about the pain and suffering they cause to the families of the individuals they have committed wrong to.
In such cases where surviving family members lose their loved one to a wrongful death in a motorcycle accident, it is vital for them to know that they can turn to personal injury lawyers who know a great deal about accident claims.