Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Minimum Wage Laws: Why Does it Matter?

For some people who earn a lot, the word “minimum wage” is very far from their concerns. Because they earn a lot more than they need, some may not really give that much attention to these words. However, for people who have meager salaries that have been having problems trying to make both ends meet, these two words are their hope for survival. That is why minimum wage is far more important than some people think it is.

Minimum Wage Laws Are There For a Reason

There is a minimum wage law that sets the amount of the lowest possible wage that an employer in a particular state pays their workers. Lately, moves to legislate an increase in the minimum wage for several counties and states are being made. However, only a few states have really come up with these new laws and came up with way to tinker with it. Sadly, while there are a number of states that have been able to implement these laws, some are still left to deal with lower wages, having a hard time dealing with such challenge to their existence. A Los Angeles employment law attorney explains that these laws were made for a reason and it is meant to be followed. Failure to adhere to these laws can get an employer guilty of violating minimum wage laws. In such cases, an employee can file a minimum wage law violation claim to the courts.

Moves to Raise Minimum Wage

Every now and then, because of the effects of inflation, many groups and agencies push for the raising of the legislated minimum wage law in different areas. Such will offset the rising prices of commodities, services, and utilities that you need. These laws have helped thousands of families get by and make both ends meet as higher wages were raised, alleviating their sufferings. However, these moves often face grave opposition, making it almost impossible for wages to be raised. Good thing, such moves have been making progress lately, making a lot of minimum wage earners and their families happy. Such helps them get more food on the table, have a safe place for shelter, warm with the clothes they wear, and most importantly, keep sending the kids to school. Such lets them get by with their needs.

Filing a Minimum Wage Law Violation Claim

If someone violated your rights under the minimum wage law, you can ask for the help of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and a good and experienced Los Angeles minimum wage law attorney. They will help you prepare a good claim that has a great chance for success. Moreover, they will help you present your case well, try to come up with a settlement of such claims in your favor, and most importantly, teach your employers a lesson to follow the law and give you and others the proper wages. However, to do just that, you have to be completely honest and provide all the necessary proof to back up your claims. Such will help your case significantly, boosting your chances of winning and putting much more pressure on your employers to settle the case, letting you get the maximum amount of compensation for the damages.