Friday, September 12, 2014

Another Pit Bull Attack in Indo Injures Two Minors

Incidence of pit bull attacks isn’t really new to California and the whole country has regularly been reported in the US for some time now. According to dog bite site, pit bulls lead in the bite counts across the cities in the US and in different counties as well. In a study conducted by experts, it was revealed that at least 27 pit bull bites have been reported. In spite of the pit bull attack “myths” claimed by other pro-pit bull groups in the country, the incidents record in several US states such as Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon. Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and California prove that pit bull bites remain as the “most damaging”, as it inflicts permanent and disfiguring injuries for the past few years.

Another Pit Bull Attack Recorded in California

According to a report, two children aged 11 and five have been attacked by a pit bull in Indo, California, last August 9, 2014. A 4-year-old pit bull named Cucuy broke free from his restraint on a property in the area. Details revealed that the same dog has also bit its owner’s son in the head just last April. This, according to experts, proves how dangerous pit bulls can be. Moreover, this recent incident justifies the laws that ban people from taking care of pit bulls. Reports reveal that the 5-year-old boy was bit on the back of his head where wounds were found after he was transported to a local hospital. The 11-year-old boy on the other hand was bit in both his stomach and one of his hands. The owner of the pit bull has already surrendered the dog to the Riverside County Animal Services where he was euthanized.

Are Pit Bulls Really That Dangerous? made a nine-year study from the years 2005 to 2013 where they observed the involvement of pit bulls in dog attacks recorded in the country. The study revealed that pit bulls and Rottweiler dogs accounted for around 74 percent of the total recorded attacks in the given period. Of these incidents, pit bulls contributed to the majority of these incidents, even leading to fatal injuries experience inflicted by these dogs. Some pit bulls even end up attacking their masters as well with even the slightest or no provocation at all. That is why some groups have been repeated calling for the control or ban of these breeds of dogs. According to them, the violent nature of these dogs does not only put the public’s lives in danger, but their owners as well.

Preventing Pit Bull Attacks

According to a Los Angeles animal attack attorney, a pet owner can be held liable for the injuries that his or her pet dogs can cause to others. According to him, filing a claim entitles you to receive compensation for the damages that the injury as well as the physical, financial, and emotional trauma that the attack has caused you and your family. By filing a claim, you do not only seek justice for yourself but also help prevent others from suffering the same fate that you experienced because of an animal attack.

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