Friday, May 4, 2012

“Grey’s Anatomy” Star – Patrick Dempsey Rescues a Teen from a Vehicle Accident

Patrick Dempsey, who portrays the role of a neurosurgeon saving lives of patients on the medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy” turned into a real-life hero after saving a teen driver from a vehicle accident.

Dempsey reportedly saved the life of a teen driver who got involved in a vehicle accident that occurred last April 24 in front of Dempsey’s home in Malibu, California. 

According to reports, Dempsey used a crow bar and a fire extinguisher to free the 17-year-old driver, Weston Masset, from his rolled over vehicle. Masset reportedly lost control of his Mustang, which caused it to roll over trice and to land on Dempsey’s front yard.

Masset was barely conscious while he was being rescued by Dempsey. Reports said that Masset, however, still managed to ask Dempsey, upon seeing the actor standing in front of him, if Dempsey was famous. After rescuing Masset, Dempsey called the paramedics and the teen’s mother to inform the latter about the accident.

Dempsey and his wife, together with a few neighbors, stayed beside the teen until paramedics arrived and airlifted Masset to the nearest hospital to receive treatment for his personal injuries. Masset sustained an eye and brain injury but is expected to recover soon, reports said.

Dempsey’s spokesperson refused to give any comment regarding the incident. Meanwhile, Masset and his mother were very grateful with Dempsey for saving the teen’s life.

Until present, no further detail aside from the above-said information regarding the incident was released.

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