Monday, November 14, 2011

Senior Student’s Bright Future Ended in Tragic Automobile Accident

A senior student from Brattleboro Union High School was killed in an automobile accident while six others were seriously injured.

The accident occurred last Sunday at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon when a Subaru Outback driven by senior student Daniel Bliss, 17 – years old together with Rita Corbin was struck from the side by a Mercury SUV while they were approaching Route 10 South coming from Mount Herman Station Road.

The collision created a strong impact that even air bags didn’t work in both vehicles. Bliss instantly died in the accident scene while Corbin was brought to University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center where she was treated for the serious injuries she sustained. Firefighters had to cut the Subaru’s roof before they were able to remove Corbin from the vehicle.

On the other hand, five other people from the other vehicle were injured. The SUV driver Nicole Trovato, 19 – years old and her 4 passengers were transported to the same hospital where Bliss and Corbin were brought and were also treated for their minor personal injury sustained. They were released shortly.

Bliss family and the principal together with the other students from the said school were in deep sorrow and mourning for Bliss’ death. According to them, Bliss is a good student. They were also praying for the fast recovery of Corbin and the five others involved in the accident but they were released in a short time.

According to reports, the glare from the sun may have been a factor in the said automobile accident. Initially, the driver of the SUV admitted to police officers conducting the investigation that she never saw Bliss pull out onto the road. However, the investigation is still going on.

It’s either solar radiance had caused the SUV driver’s blindness to Bliss’ car or Bliss’ car had exceeded the maximum speed limit. The maximum speed limit in US is varies according to the type of vehicle and in locations. Commonly, speed limit for cars is 80 mph during day time and 65 mph during night. Speed limit for trucks at all times is 55 mph. In school zones, maximum speed only limits to 25 mph.