Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Environmental Group Claims Excessive Level of Lead Found at Disneyland Anaheim

Behind Mickey Mouse’s big smile are packs of lead – not literally, of course.

Disneyland is dubbed as the happiest place on Earth. However, according to an environmental group, Anaheim’s Disneyland does not only provide happiness to children but also sickness.

News reports said Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation claims that Disneyland Anaheim has excessive levels of lead that may be harmful for children visiting the theme park. According to the group, they have found high levels of lead on glass windows, brass rail chains, door knobs, and drinking fountains.

Mateel strictly opposes Disneyland’s seemingly failure to act on the group’s request to post warnings about equipment that contain excessive levels of lead. However, Disneyland on the other hand, says its management is following the state law by posting adequate warning signs about equipment with lead.

Pursuant to premises liability law, if at least one Disneyland visitor sustains any lead-related injury or sickness, the management may face legal charges. Under the law, property owners may be held liable for injuries caused by their negligence in maintaining safety in the premises.

Exposure to unsafe level of lead may cause certain types of injuries, such as:

• Reduced bone and muscle growth
• Poor muscle coordination
• Speech and language problems
• Seizures or loss of consciousness

In accordance with personal injury law, if a lead-related injury is sustained in Disneyland’s premises, its management may be required to provide compensation to the victims.

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