Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kiss crash: Rocker Gene Simmons Daughter Injured in LA Chain Collision

Have you ever heard of a “Kiss crash”? It's a combination of rock and collision when approaching downtown Los Angeles. Seems like rock music and car driving was inherited by Gene Simmons' daughter as she crashed her Dodge Charger after partying in LA.

Sophie Simmons was on her way home from a Victoria's Secret event when a car rear- ended her vehicle. The accident caused two other collisions. Sophie was rushed to a local hospital for treatment of minor head injuries.

She escaped serious injuries because she wore her seatbelt, but still got hurt because her car’s air bags failed to deploy. It's better than a coma though.

Sophie showed how a “Kiss Crash” injury would look as she posted her pictures on Twitter. She tweeted followers that they are invited on her survival party at TRU Nightclub Hollywood. In response to the accident, her parents resorted to posting happy family photos.

Partying and driving at Los Angeles has often caused collisions and resulted to head injuries. More so, drivers who are drunk have been arrested for Driving Under Influence (DUI) and caused fatalities. Such negligent acts are prohibited under Personal Injury law and have corresponding penalties.

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