Thursday, October 14, 2010

Man Suffers Partial Amputation in Colton Industrial Accident

If you end up with a disabling injury in an industrial accident, what are your options after?

Well you actually have two options; you can either sue or take worker’s compensation.

And that is exactly what the victim of the industrial accident in Colton will be thinking about in the next few weeks.

The incident occurred shortly after 8:00 am in Valley Pallet along the 1200 block of Lincoln Avenue.

According to reports, a man suffered partial amputation of his right hand after an accident while operating a pneumatic pop-up saw.

Paramedics were dispatched to the scene and they treated the man for shock, administered oxygen and intravenous liquids before bringing him to the hospital.
It is not clear yet if the doctors will be able to reattach or reconstruct the hand.
I would recommend that the victim consult with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to help him weigh his options.

If he decides to sue, he will have to prove that the employer failed to provide a safe environment for him to work in.

Probably cite lack of safety equipment or safety training.

However, there is no evidence of that in the report.
Filing a lawsuit can be risky as the victim may end up with nothing if he loses.
Worker’s compensation, on the other hand, is a safe choice.

Under this state required insurance coverage, the victim will receive monetary and medical benefits regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

However, the victim will also have to give up his right to sue the employer and the benefits that he will get will also be only a percentage of his income.

So the victim will really have to weigh his options.
A personal injury attorney can help him with that.