Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where to Find the Best Drivers in the US: Car Driving Safety Guidelines

Having a driver is practically entrusting your own life to another person. When you hire a driver, you’re not just paying for the company of having someone to sit with you in slow-moving traffic; you are actually paying for the services of someone who can get you through daily traffic safely and responsibly.

And that’s what safe driving is really all about: safety and responsibility on the road.

Where can you find the best drivers in the US? - Mostly in Rocky Mountain, Appalachian cities.

According to “Sixth Annual ‘Allstate America's Best Drivers Report’ Reveals New Safest Driving City”, a press release by Allstate Insurance Company, the best drivers in the country can be found mostly in the following cities:

1. Fort Collins, Colorado
2. Chattanooga, Tennessee
3. Boise, Idaho
4. Colorado Springs, Colorado
5. Knoxville, Tennessee
6. Eugene, Oregon
7. Reno, Nevada
8. Huntsville, Alabama
9. Lincoln, Nebraska
10. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

These are the top cities with the best drivers based on car collision frequency and safety awareness.

There is no surefire way on how you can avoid car accidents but there are ways on how you can prevent them. Here is a basic driving safety guideline:

• Obey traffic laws and regulations.
• Stay focused when driving.
• Maintain distance with other motorist while on the road. Respect other motorists.
• Check your vehicle regularly including tire pressure and safety implements.
• Check weather conditions and traffic before traveling.