Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Executive Terminated after Reporting Sexual Harassment

The Placer County Fair Association is being sued by a former high-ranking officer after he was terminated when he reported the sexual harassment complaint of a female employee against a board member.

Brock Wimberley was the Chief Executive Officer of the association when he was fired two weeks after making a complaint about the hostile work environment that a female employee is subjected to by a male board member who was reportedly sexually harassing her.

In the lawsuit filed recently, Wimberley said that he filed the complaint to the then association president regarding the board member’s misconduct as he showed the employee inappropriate photos that are sexually suggestive and subjected her to hostility while she was working.

Wimberley claims that he then received an angry phone call from the board member days before he was terminated.

The suit did not specify how much Wimberley is claiming for compensatory or punitive damages.