Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Six Injured in School Bus Accident near Disneyland

Six persons, all probably children, were transported to a nearby hospital after a school bus accident near Disneyland.

The accident occurred in the intersection of Fall Road and Disneyland Drive right before 1:00pm.

The school bus was transporting 4th and 5th Grade students to a play in a nearby performing arts center when the accident happened.

Fortunately, none of the injuries were major or life threatening.

There are no clear reports yet on the cause of the school bus accident, but at the very least, the parents of the injured children can file a personal injury claim against the bus operator, which is probably the school itself.

The parents do not even have to prove negligence on the part of the school bus driver.

That is because a school bus is considered a common carrier and they are required to exercise a higher level of care in ensuring the safety of their passengers.

Instead of proving negligence, the parents have to prove that the driver of the bus was not able to meet the level of care required from a common carrier.

This is to hold people and companies who are in the business of transporting people more accountable for their actions.