Thursday, December 18, 2008

Plane crashed into home, killed three

An airplane accident happened recently in San Diego which claimed the lives of at least three people just this week.

Prior to the accident, an F/A-18D Hornet plane took off the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier off the coast of San Diego with only one pilot on board. Reports said that the plane was having problems right after take off and the lone pilot prepared for an emergency landing.

The condition of the plane worsen while air borne prior to the landing, i.e. it lost its second engine, etc. As the consequence, the plane nosedived, according to witnesses – the pilot was able to eject himself from the aircraft in the nick of time.

Unluckily for San Diego neighborhood, the accident took place above them. The plane reportedly crashed into a home where a woman, her two kids, and an elderly woman lived. Due to the crash, three of them were confirmed killed.

The neighborhood was reportedly had to be evacuated. The pilot sustained injuries and was taken to the Naval Medical Center of San Diego.

Airplane or aviation accident doesn’t happen very often. But because of the dangerous nature of the plane’s fuel, it has a tendency to create a more fatal accident than others.

If you or anyone you know suffered injuries or wrongful death due to aviation accident, consult with an aviation accident or personal injury lawyer. You may have a valid claim against the party at fault or for whose negligence produces the accident.

Like this particular accident, the family of the victims may pursue a case for the loss of lives that happened because of the plane accident.