Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Slip and Fall Accidents in California’s Setting

Years ago, the residents of San Francisco, California had witnessed the legal battle ensued between a Chief Executive Officer of a company and a famous hotel.

Accidents encompass people, time, and place. This only shows that accidents happen at anytime, at any place and to any one. Slip and fall accident is one of them. Injuries from this type of accident may be less dangerous compared to other injury causing accidents. However, its effects may manifest only in the future when you are caught unaware.

Slip and fall accident is a personal injury that occurs when an owner of a building has been negligent in the care and maintenance of his or her promises.

Structural defects of a building due to age or ordinary wear and tear are the common culprit for a slip and fall injury case. These defects may include:

* Uneven steps
* parking lot potholes
* cracked sidewalks
* broken tiles
* torn carpeting

Building owners are expected to make sure that the building's structure complies with applicable building codes. For instance, handrails must typically be installed at a certain general height. Should injury occur in case of violation of this requisite, the injured party may have a valid claim against the building owner.

Property owners have a certain “duty of care” to ensure that their property is secure. For negligent owners, the law has provided penalties that would make them liable. Make sure, however, that the suit is within the statute of limitations.