Thursday, February 21, 2008

Was racial discrimination on the job more subtle at present?

Racial discrimination still exists in many workplaces!
At present a large differences among racial groups continued to exist, despite the clamor for its elimination. In fact it continued to exist in workplaces, universities, public office, health sector and business sector.
Many racial groups have experienced severe and pervasive denial of the basic civil, political, economic and social privileges.
Most particularly in workplaces, racial discrimination has played much relevance in the hiring process of a prospect job applicant. Several complaints for a job turn down have been lodged in employment sector in this particular issue alone.
In relation to this, several employees have made an outcry for being treated unfairly in reference to job promotion, transfer, and training and development opportunities. They have not been given a fair chance of enhancing their career or lives as well.
Some have experienced demotion and in extreme cases even lost their job. They don’t feel that their job assessment have been treated on their merits. To some they were retrenched or were on the first line of employees who will be kicked-out on the job in cases of redundancy.
Many have felt discomfort in their workplaces for being unequally treated. When some irregularities have happened on the job, the biases against race have butt in. Some have been constantly singled-out as the culprit by reason of their distinct race.
In administrative proceedings or investigation (within the workplace) brought about by an aggrieved employee against his or her superior, a large number of complainants have experienced injustices. Their concerns have not been heard sincerely, and much more the hearing in itself is working against them.
All these were a sullen experience that racial discrimination has brought about in our system and society in general.
So a best question would be asked? Was racial discrimination on the job more subtle at present?

To my mind it does not become more subtle, it became even worst. There is nothing really new about this issue. It is prevalent and becomes a sickness, and that it had infested our society.

Not surprisingly, race discrimination is still alive and existing.