Friday, December 7, 2007

Corrected Steps

I find this article informative and useful, especially for a claimant or his representative. In this article, a new, corrected steps in filing claim for social security disability was presented.
This article titled “Correct Steps for Filing a Social Security Disability Claim”, posted in November, provided a better way of pursuing a claim. It presents a clearer version of guidelines to follow in filing a disability claims.
The article called it “thinking steps”, which are actually reminders in filing a claim. Here is a list some of these considerations:
1. Consider you current work activity – Before filing a claim, one should first determine his monthly gross income. This means, one cannot be eligible to apply for a disability benefit, if his income exceeds a certain amount allowed by law.
2. Find a physician who is willing to do the paperwork required in a disability claim.
3. Write down your complete medical history and all the details related to it.
4. Write down your complete work or employment history within the ‘relevant period’, which is 15 years for social security disability purposes.
Taking all these considerations in mind, applying for the claim is now easier. Where and how can one apply? One can simply contact a local social security office and request for an appointment to apply for a disability. The interview can be conducted over the phone or in person.
Otherwise, one can also apply online, although it would not be as practical as talking to a human representative, especially if you have many questions to ask. In the case of the disability lawyer, you can hire one if he is willing to do the filing for you.